Meet the Compass Team

Chris-Vogel_formal_300x375Chris Vogel – President/CEO Chris specializes in the Development of Lean Leaders and Administrative Lean. He has over 15 years of Lean Administrative and Process Improvement experience including holding a variety of senior management positions in Operations Management, Lean Deployment, Financial Analysis & Planning and Information Technology.

During his 15 years at Wells Fargo, Chris led and used Lean to transform a division of Wells Fargo with 1,200 staff members. Starting in 2002 new costs of imaging and data lifting in Wells Fargo were rapidly rising due to independent growth across organizational lines. The Document Management department was formed to control costs through focused vision, consistent technologies and reduction in redundant processes. Taking the leadership of this department Chris saw the opportunity for Lean / Six Sigma / Operational Excellence and began to drive culture, knowledge, and tools learned from the Toyota Production System. The actions undertook created a transformation of processes, physical environment, and most importantly, mindset. While the numerical results clearly proved the worth of this approach, we were also able to fully engage our work force completing the transformation with retention of nearly 100% of the original workforce.

Jon's-Head-Shot_180x225Jon Solseth – Principal Consultant
Jon has 20 years of Business Development experience owning separate businesses across multiple states and countries. He has over 15 years of Senior Leadership experience managing Lean Six Sigma and Project Management initiatives in various industries. Jon is a specialist in Lean Deployment and Risk Management/Mitigation. Jon has managed teams with over 150 staff members. He has also worked in business startups creating a Lean culture from company inception.

Jon has managed Operations and change management positions concentrating on Cost, Quality, Delivery and Safety. He has been the Senior Leader in multiple Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement directives. He can provide training and mentoring at all levels of a company or organization.

Jon has the ability to provide support and mentoring on large projects as well as participate and lead on continuous improvement models. He has the rare ability to provide change management concurrently with ongoing business processes and has developed a best in industry Risk Management Program utilizing Lean/Six Sigma as the driver for positive change in the articulation of key process indicators and risk controls.

johnskerl_180x225John Skerl – Senior Consultant
John Skerl is a highly sought after Lean consultant and trainer.  He began his Lean career at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), where he earned certifications as a Master Trainer in PDCA, Standardized Work, Job Instruction Training, Practical Kaizen Training, Problem Solving and Group Leader and Team Leader Development Training. John is recognized for being able to take classroom education to the actual job site for hands on implementation producing positive results. Some typical outcomes of his efforts include inventory reduction, a decrease in lead time, productivity improvements, better quality/customer satisfaction, as well as increased morale of employees.

John believes that “Lean” is a set of concepts, principals and tools which create and provide the highest value to customers through the identification and elimination of waste. “The customer always drives value for the process and those executing the process relentlessly seek out and eliminate waste through a methodical thought process. Identifying and eliminating waste will ensure the highest safety, quality and efficiency.” He also believes that the people who do the work must be viewed as the experts.

“Lean” is a way of life. It is not what we do, but how we do it.”

Sarah Fahnhorst – Senior Consultant
Sarah has a passion for transformational change with a keen understanding of how to balance people, process, and technology through organizational change and sustainable continuous improvement. With over 20 years of professional experience in both IT and Operations, Sarah has a proven track record of developing organizational and operational models, effective project deliveries, business capability maturity, and organizational change management. Effective leader with extensive experience in process optimization, organizational design, developing and leading high performing teams, PMO, and portfolio management. Sarah has been a passionate advocate and practitioner in implementing Lean methodology to increase efficiency, enhance productivity through increased employee engagement, and implementing innovative solutions that bring businesses to the next level. Collaborative leader who can effectively communicate at all levels of an organization to achieve business and financial goals.

Sarah holds a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Catherine University and has maintained her PMP certification since 2003. She has extensive training and practical application of Lean methodology, including Lean Product and Process Development, Lean Methodology for Administrative Processes, and Lean Software Development.

Kevin-Wells_180x225Kevin Wells – Senior Consultant
Kevin has almost thirty years experience improving operations and quality within the Consumer Products, Telecom, Aerospace, Automotive and Semiconductor industries. He became an enthusiastic proponent of Six Sigma in the mid 90’s after being trained at Motorola as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Since then, he has added Lean Management, Quality Auditor, Quality & Organizational Excellence and Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications to successfully drive improvements in Quality Director and Plant Manager roles.. His passion to build and train teams to apply Six Sigma and Lean practices has delivered 30% improvement in operating margins, reduced claims by over 60% and increased production capacities in excess of 15% on an annual basis. Kevin has a BS in Quality Engineering and has successfully progressed his career while at GE, Harris, Motorola, Nortel Networks and Pergo.

Reggie Vandlonden – Senior Consultant
Reggie has a diverse background in Product Development and Manufacturing. He has 29 years’ experience with 18 of the 29 years in Engineering Management and Executive Leadership. Industries worked in include Automotive, Major Appliances, Industrial Products, Medical Devices and Electronic Manufacturing Services. His personal lean journey began with Electrolux North America where he participated in their Vision 2000 program to implement and sustain the lean program across the divisions. It also involved Design for Lean as well as Design for Manufacturing and Assembly where Reggie developed the first control console system for dishwashers using these methods. The success of the designs resulted in what is still known today as the “Frigidaire Gallery” series of appliances. Reggie’s experience in Lean continued at DeZurik, an OEM of industrial valves. There he was part of the initial team to launch DeZurik on their Lean Transformation. The team was responsible for developing the Policy Deployment Matrix, implementation, training and sustaining the Toyota Production System in partnership with Time Base Management (TBM). TBM also formally trained Reggie in Design for Lean, Toyota 3P and the overall TPS which he applied on numerous projects at DeZurik.

Reggie worked for 10 years at TriVirix International, a contract manufacturer of class II and III medical devices. As the Director of Engineering he championed and sponsored a Lean implementation and even participated as a working manager. The steady stream of shop floor Kaizens over time allowed for the facility to add manufacturing cells without having to expand the facility. He developed the concept of a FlexMod to produce multiple product platforms in one cell while maintaining GMP and FDA certification. Reggie worked on many facility events to achieve one piece flow, mixed model scheduling, JIT inventory reductions, 5S, higher quality and lower cost. He continues to apply his lean experience today helping clients at any point in their journey. He coaches executives to develop their Lean vision to see the whole while inspiring a culture of Lean and trains the teams to be successful in their Lean Transformations.

Reggie is a graduate of Purdue University with B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and has also completed coarse work in Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems at North Carolina State University. He has served on Advisory Boards at St. Cloud Technical College and N.C. State Univ.

kathyhunter_180x226Kathy Hunter – Senior Consultant
Kathy began her career in lean manufacturing at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota.  As a production Team Leader, she had the opportunity to learn the Toyota Production System in Japan as part of the Team Leader training program. She returned to Japan several times after being promoted to Group Leader and while working on the ‘89 model change project, and then again as the Project Manager for the successful launch of the ’98 model change (Prizm and Corolla). She was then promoted to Assistant Manager in the Tacoma Truck Paint Shop.  During her 15 years at NUMMI, she was certified by master trainers in Standardized Work, Job Instruction Training, PDCA, and Practical Problem Solving and was instrumental in the TPS training of production team members and management. Because of her production background, Kathy is most comfortable on the shop floor. She is a hands-on process improvement leader, combining training and practical application.

In 2000, Kathy was recruited to come to General Motors to help implement the Global Manufacturing System (GMS). She was part of a team that helped GM change the way they manufactured cars and trucks in North America. After five years leading GM’s lean plant conversions, she was assigned to an elite team which supported the launch of new plants in India, Russia and Mexico. Her responsibilities included the introduction and deployment of GMS, ensuring “lean” was built into each process from groundbreaking through start of production.

In the past five years, Kathy has supported various businesses in their pursuit of establishing a lean culture. Some include Tecumseh Products, WellStar Health System, Navistar Truck and Bus, Trescal Calibration Solutions and Community Health Centers Lubbock, all of which have achieved numerous process improvements throughout their organizations.

Kim's-Head-Shot_180x225Kim Wehri – Senior Consultant
Kim has 10 years of training and development expertise across multiple companies. She can provide facilitative leadership and design in customizing Lean training for any industry or corporation. She has provided training support for all levels of staff in a divergence of organizations.

Kim has been a lead program manager for many high profile initiatives and change requirements. She utilizes Lean/Six Sigma to drive positive change in support of Operational excellence for Continuous lmprovement models. She has consulted in high level, large scale Process Improvements that had regulatory impacts based on new banking laws and requirements

Kim has managed large IT expansions and development in a key project management rolls. She has expertise in understanding requirements breaking down complex problems and articulating opportunities for improvement.  She also has staff management experience managing both large and small teams. She has been a leader in various industry sectors and organizations.

Kim is fluent in Spanish and can assist with training, development and business transformation breaking down language barriers on a global basis.

Monte_180x225Monte Mitchell – Senior Consultant
For over 20 years, Monte has lived Toyota’s Production System (TPS) and its relentless pursuit of True North. Today he finds a tremendous amount of satisfaction helping companies realize operational excellence. Monte started his career with Toyota at the NUMMI facility where he managed various departments including Production, Special and New Model projects, and the TPS Group. In 2003 Monte was selected from a pool of over 600 managers to join Toyota’s three year Executive Development Program-Operations and Management Development Division (OMDD) where he continued to develop his TPS knowledge and capability.

At OMDD Monte was responsible for the implementation of Jishuken (Rapid Kaizen) in the North American Paint and Plastics facilities as well as the implementation of TPS at a number of supplier companies. During his tenure at OMDD, Monte was mentored by members of Toyota’s elite Operations and Management Consulting Division (OMCD). Monte’s extensive TPS expertise has been utilized in a myriad of industries (including automotive, retail, finance and building products). His innovative strategies have been applied to Greenfield sites, plant expansions, consolidations, product development and product launches. Monte has worked with companies in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China and the Middle East.

tony_180x224Tony Chamblin – Senior Consultant
Tony spent 20 years with Toyota Motor Mfg Ky. During that time he learned Lean concepts and applied them in the process. He worked as a production Team Member, Team Leader and Group Leader in the Paint department. In those roles he developed standardized work, set up work stations, applied practical problem solving, coached Quality Circles, Jidoka, andon usage and worked with Team Leaders and Team Members on Kaizen activities. He spent 5 years as Group Leader in the Production Improvement Team. In that role he organized and led internal Kaizen activities, organized and trained Team members in the fundamental skills, traveled to other North American affiliates to determine root cause and develop countermeasures to ongoing problems, train Team Members in the Toyota Production Sysytem and supervise special projects.

Tony is also an Adjunct Instructor with the University of Ky in the Center for Lean Mfg. He has worked with several companies ranging from banking to aerospace.

Lee_180x225Lee Richmond – Senior Consultant
Lee’s diverse background includes product development, quality, and continuous improvement in a variety of industries and companies.  He has manufacturing experience in the aerospace, automotive, building materials, electronics, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and plastics industries.  He has served as both an internal change agent and as an external consultant.  As an internal change agent, Lee managed a medical device plant transformation that resulted in a 67% reduction in lead-time, a $1.5 million reduction in scrap, and a $1.0 million reduction of in-process inventory.  Lee trained and worked under Masaaki Imai while working with the Kaizen Institute of America for more than a decade, and as an external consultant, Lee led Kaizen events and implemented 5S, Visual Management, Set up Reduction, and Standard Work in manufacturing and transactional organizations.   For the past decade, Lee has shown proficiency in applying principles from a manufacturing environment to a transactional environment in the financial services industry, implementing lean principles to improve customer experience and to reduce risk.

After completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at Michigan Technological University, Lee earned a Masters of Business Administration with a focus on Operation and Production Management from the University of Georgia, Athens.  Lee also has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.  He continues developing his skills through on-going training in Facilitative Leadership, Flawless Consulting, Advanced Presentation Skills, and Lean Coaching Skills.

David_180x225David Bush – Senior Consultant
David’s work experience started as a production operator in a manufacturing shop that applied continuous-flow work cells and visual management methods. He has maintained that grounding as he has worked professionally for over 25 years in medical device, aerospace instrument, and high-reliability electronics industries. He combines master-black-belt application of lean and six-sigma methods with strong business focus to assure world-class quality while increasing productivity and profitability. He has coached and trained at all levels, from front line to top line, operator to officer.

David has directed teams with responsibility for supplier, production, and product quality and reliability assurance, customer quality program management, quality, environmental, and data management systems, and process improvement (applying Lean and Six Sigma methods), supporting a worldwide customer and supply base. He delivered 50-60% annual improvements to customer quality while driving value streams to 10% annual efficiency improvement and saving over $1 million in annual operating costs.

David holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and has been an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate-level courses in Quality Engineering, Engineering and Technology Management, Project Management, Creativity in Engineering Design, Design of Experiments, TRIZ Directed Evolution, and Work Analysis.

Megan O’Neal – Senior Consultant
Megan has over 10-years extensive hands-on experience, as well as training from the Lean Enterprise Institute on the disciplines of Transformational Leadership, Leader Standard Work, Visual Management Tools, Value Stream Mapping (including for the Office and Service), Lean Product Development, PDCA Problem Solving and more. She also has a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Megan trains and coaches teams on structured PDCA problem solving, leads them through the development of standard work and implementation of visual management, and helps them articulate departmental strategies. She is experienced in leading teams through value stream mapping sessions, kaizen events, and strategy deployment exercises.

Additionally, she has 15 years of experience in the software development lifecycle. Megan worked and led teams through improvement efforts in areas of customer engagement, requirements definition, contract negotiations, coding, testing, release management, triaging post-production issues, establishing and managing a help desk, and developing and providing training.

Megan has Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and History degree from Columbia University in New York.

Yassin_180x225Yassin Qanyare – Senior Consultant
Yassin Qanyare has more than 17 years of management experience. He led a production team at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, he provides clients with superior leadership during critical transition phases (paper to electronic images), including hiring professional and technical staff, implementing budget reductions, writing business plans, and coaching Lean.

With a strong knowledge of both standardize work, lean and developing people, Yassin has been responsible for department budgets. He has experience in all aspects of financial forecasting, resource allocation, fund management, accounting and control. Administrative expense reductions have resulted in a 30% increase in profits, while improving overall staff morale and client confidence.

Yassin also brings to the table strong culture understanding and diversity knowledge, he provides standardize work and lean training in different departments.

Yassin participated / provide youth education “to prevent crime” and past year (2015) he traveled to Europe (Denmark, Norway and England) and his mission was raising awareness of the new “recruitment pipelines” that are happening across Europe, MN and is creating a wave of violent extremists in Syria / Iraq and provide strategies / training to empower local communities to prevent recruitment and radicalization in their midst. Yassin work closed with US government officials, law enforcement, religious leaders and respected community stakeholders.

Yassin holds a Master of Business Administration degree. He is fluent in several languages, and able to conduct business in Swedish.

JasonMcVay_180x225Jason McVay – Senior Consultant
Jason has over 12 years of experience in business transformation and product development. He helps organizations continuously improve their goods, services, and systems by eliminating all forms of waste (energy, time, resources, money, and human potential) and drawing on his diverse experience working with a broad range of organizational types and industry sectors.

Jason holds an M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. His early work in product design, as both an engineer and design researcher, has given him a unique understanding of the behavioral and technical aspects of work systems and has formed his ability to bridge the gaps between the various functions in an organization and help them learn to see work from a holistic perspective, with a primary focus on providing value to customers.

Jason also possesses the unique ability to break down complex concepts, and explain them clearly and simply to others. In addition to leading improvement activities, he also develops and delivers highly effective continuous improvement-based leadership and staff development programs.