Professional Services

Compass Affiliates works with organizations at any stage of their Lean journey.  We offer services that help organization address the unique challenges they encounter while working to improve the flow of value to customers and create a culture of respect and continuous improvement.  Using our Lean Self-Assessment and our Lean Transformation Map, we can help your organization evaluate its progress on the transformation journey and then offer suggestions for improvements.

We’ll work together to ensure cultural changes and improvements are sustained over time by helping to establish the technical and interpersonal skills of leaders, managers, and staff.  We’re happy to offer assistance at any time, but we believe our customers must become self-sufficient on their path to perfection.



Leaders of a lean transformation need to develop awareness of lean principles and practices and be capable of leading by example, which means learning new skills and challenging the values that inform decision making.  We can help your leaders with coaching and mentoring.


Our consulting services can help your organization overcome the challenges it will face at any phase of a transformation, including preparation, training, transformation, and growth.


Our customized training is designed to teach the principles and practices of lean with your organization in mind. We also facilitate your improvement events and train-the-trainer to help development your people.


Our workshops are designed to teach the principles and practices of Lean by doing. Using proven methods, including simulations, we can help anyone in your organization become ready to begin contributing to your ongoing transformation.


Chris Vogel is available for speaking engagements around the world sharing his experience leading Lean as an executive and lessons learned from helping organizations transform.